If you have a Mercedes Benz or other luxurious cars, you need to maintain these vehicles properly to enjoy a smooth driving experience. When it comes to servicing of these vehicles, most owners prefer to take their cars to a local garage for their peace of mind. However, this is a risky move as most of the mechanics employed in local garages are novices. If you get your car serviced at a Mercedes Benz Service Centre, you are assured that your vehicle is in the hands of an expert.

MSL Performance is an authorized Mercedes Benz Service Centre with access to sophisticated tools, diagnostic equipment and facilities. We have factory-trained and experienced technicians who will maintain your car's optimal condition and give you peace of mind.

Mercedes Benz Servicing

Mercedes Benz vehicles offer one of the longest service intervals in the luxury car market, which means more driving and less frequent visits to the service centre. MSL Performance follows the service schedule of vehicles in accordance with the original manufacturer's service maintenance chart. You can leave your car or wait while we service your vehicle. We can also conduct a pre-service check to diagnose any issues you may have experienced with your car.

We conduct a final check after every service to ensure that your car is fit for the street. Our technicians also clean the vehicle inside and out. Our transparent pricing ensures that every invoice is carefully explained to our clients to give them a clear idea of what service they are paying for and why that service is necessary.

We offer the following services:

  • Add fuel additive or screen wash additive
  • Vehicle reception protocol
  • Air filter element replacement
  • Change filter and oil
  • Brake test
  • Check lamps and trunk illumination function
  • Clean A/C system
  • Brake fluid level inspection
  • Tire inflation pressure adjustment and more!

We can service other car models and makes including Aston Martin, Ferrari, BMW, Range Rover, Porsche, Bentley, Audi, Ford, Volkswagen and Lamborghini. Only genuine oil and parts are used at our service centre. We also provide a written confirmation of the work performed. Call us today on 0121 772 4455. We are always happy to help.